Obedience Classes

An obedient dog is a happy, confident dog.

Despite the many different breeds available there are really only two types of dogs, obedient and disobedient. Everyone loves the obedient dog. He’s the one who walks nicely, comes when called and sits quietly. The disobedient dog however is very hard to miss. You’ve all seen him, he’s pulling his owner down the sidewalk at a frantic pace, he flies out the door the second it’s opened and jumps all over you when you come in. He’ll probably steal your cookie if you leave it unattended, chew destructively and bark for attention. NONE of this needs to happen!

Training your dog will make him a very enjoyable member of the family. He will sit as guests enter and leave your home, he will be trusted with food and knick-knacks, he’ll have appropriate chewing habits and won’t demand your attention with unnecessary barking.

Puppy Obedience Classes

4 week program | puppies 10 - 16 weeks

The beginnings of awareness between handler and puppy and helping you to understand your puppy and breed.

Course Outline:

  • Look
  • Handling your puppy
  • Introducing positions of Sit, Down and Stand with short duration
  • Response to name
  • Introduction to walking on a loose leash
  • Introductory to recall
  • Problem solving
  • Basic manners
  • Toy interaction
  • Puppy playtime
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Level 1 Obedience Classes

7 weeks | dogs 4 months and older

In these next 7 weeks you will learn a variety of skills to gain control of your dog and form a better relationship as well as teaching your dog to respect others. Your dog will also gain an understanding of fitting in, in all life situations. We like to use a combination of different training equipment and have different options for each handler and dog. We are willing to work with you to find a method that works for your family as well as coach you through behaviours as they arise.

Course Outline:

  • Response to name
  • House manners
  • Leave it
  • Manners around others
  • Proper handling
  • Sit stay and Down stay with added distraction and duration
  • Loose leash walking with manners
  • Working around obstacles
  • Recall from distractions
  • Introduction to proper toy engagement
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Level 2 Obedience Classes

7 weeks | level 1 completed

Continuing awareness between handler and dog.

Course outline:

  • Verbal sits and downs out of position
  • Walking on a loose leash with added distractions
  • Manners around people and selective greeting
  • Recalls with added distractions
  • Retrieve
  • Jumping with obedience
  • Improving verbal control
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Level 3 Obedience Classes

7 weeks | level 2 completed

Advanced learning and fun for you and your dog.

Course outline:

  • Walking on leash around increasingly more challenging distractions
  • More reliance on verbal control
  • Reduced use of leash in safe environments
  • Adding distance on sits, downs and stands
  • More advanced retrieving and jumping
  • Introducing sit stay and down stay with handler out of sight
  • Recalls under higher distractions
  • Application of hand signals
  • Incorporating obstacles
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Level 4 Obedience Classes

7 weeks | level 3 completed

Building teamwork and communication between handler and dog.

Course outline:

  • Off leash work in appropriate situations
  • Drills to enhance understanding and accuracy
  • Increasing control and steadiness in challenging and fun drills
  • Introduction to shaping
  • Obstacles
  • Further strengthening the bond with a lot of fun
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Benefits of Obedience Training

  • Upon completing our courses you will have a confident, attentive, obedient pet that everyone will enjoy being around.
  • We strive to maintain flexible times. Whether it's group classes or private lessons, we will do our best to fit your schedule.

Obedience and Scent Detection Waiver

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