About Us

Perfect Scents K9 is about all things dog.

Having worked with dogs for many years, we have a keen understanding of man's best friend and the wonderful opportunities that come with maintaining a solid canine relationship. This is reflected in our training, boarding, daycare and grooming services. We also value the unparalleled abilities that dogs possess, including scent detection which is integral to our sport scent detection training and events as well as the drug and bed bug detection services that we provide.

Nathan Clarkson & Danielle Ambeau-Clarkson

Owners & Operators of Perfect Scents K9

Nathan and Danielle has over 15 years of experience working with animals, guiding them to find their passion in training and working with dogs. They have worked alongside Karen Clarkson owner and operator of Pet-D-Gree, Professional Dog Services, Dog Training and Boarding. Currently Nathan and Danielle own two dogs specializing in Drug Detection.

Their success has attracted the general dog sport people that are looking to learn sport scent detection with their beloved pet. They also run private, workshops and multiple scent detection classes. Nathan and Danielle are also the owners and operators of the Canadian Sport Scent Detection Federation.

Nathan and Danielle enjoy spending time and training their own dogs together and most importantly spending family time with their two beautiful children.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Walk and Wags Pet First Aid.
  • Member of National Association of Professional K9 Handlers.
  • Completed 2 day Worksop on tracking with Gerry Burk.
  • Member of the CKC.
  • Completed tracking course at George Brown College.
  • Instructor Russ Fox retired K9 handler currently working at Ottawa airport bomb division.
  • K9 Scent Detection Course at George Brown College.
  • Completed 2 day seminar on Hydration intensified tacking training + Scentsational Scent Detection run by Steve White Retired K9 Handler with the Seattle Police.
  • Professional Animal Behavior Association.
  • 2 day seminar featuring Ken Ramirz Andrew Luescher and Kathy Sado. ‘How to Reach Excellence in Dog Training.
  • Completed Professional Animal Behaviour associates a scientific presentation and study of working dogs.
  • Worked with Renee Luscescu owner of Committed To Canine. Learning to handle and train drug dogs.
  • Trained 2 dogs on 7 different drugs and narcotics in multiple building and car searches.
  • Trained with Pando Stepanis. Master trainer and owner of Olympus K9.
  • Trained and sold 2 Canine Bed Bug dogs to a company in Toronto.
  • Certified George Brown College course.
  • K9 Detection instructed by Pando Stepanis owner/operator of Olympus K9 Detection.
  • K9 Handling instructed by Pando Stepanis owner/operator of Olympus K9 Detection.
  • K9 Tracking instructed by Russ Fox retired k9 police officer currently employed at Ottawa Airport K9 Bomb Handler.
  • Currently enrolled in K9 protection.
  • Certified as a CSSDF judge in sport sent detection.