K9 Scent Detection in the Workplace

Health and Safety in the workplace is a major concern for all parties.

By law, companies and employers must make every effort to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Drug testing is viable for hiring and targeted intervention, but drug detection dogs are the least invasive way to eradicate drugs from your business. Drugs and narcotics in the workplace cost companies and employers millions of dollars per year in losses of productivity, workers compensation claims, and liability law suits.

When individuals report to work under the effect or influence of alcohol or drugs, they pose a danger to co-workers, the public and environment and themselves. Contact us today for a quote.

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The Perfect Scents K9s are capable of detecting drugs, narcotics, and paraphernalia by scent alone, including Cocaine, Crack, Ecstacy, Hash, Heroin, Marijuana, Meth, and Oxycontin.